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What’s Your Hair Personality?

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What Does Your Hair Say About You?

A friend once told me you can tell a lot about people by looking at their shoes. I think you can tell a lot more by looking at their hair. Your hair personality speaks for you when you first walk into a room. So, what do you want it to say?

Polished or carefree?

At first glance, what kind of effort does your hair display? Is it intricate and thoughtfully arranged, or is it tossed up on your head in a fluffy bun with minimal effort? If you fall into the first category, people might assume that you like the finer things in life and that you pay close attention to detail. If you are more of a messy bun type, people probably perceive you as easygoing.

Are you adventurous?

What about style? Do you seek out the latest trend or ask your hair designer what’s hot right now? Or maybe you flip through the latest celebrity gossip magazines and decide you must have the current “it” girl’s look.

If you’re the type of person who gives your stylist free reign to try a new cut or style, you are likely a little adventurous and open to change.

So, what does your hair say?

Long, flowing hair says sexy and sleek. It can be a versatile option, allowing you to wear it up or down, straight or curled. However, if you have always had long hair, it could be fun to change it up with layers or a shorter cut.

The bob has been known to indicate power, strength and simplicity. A great bob brings out the your best facial features, such as your eyes and cheekbones.

Bangs are youthful, playful and communicate some sassiness. Bangs can also give you a brand new look without sacrificing your long hair

Those sporting the pixie are often seen as strong personalities and assertive. This cut displays confidence. Wear it boldly!

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