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Hot Haircuts for Men

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Show some style with a new look.

Guys, it can be hard to spice up your look. You don’t have the luxury of make-up and all of the other accentuating items that women use. Aside from your clothes, your hair is your next best way to express the vibe you want.

If you are wanting to stay cool in more ways than one this summer, change up your hairstyle. A new cut can really add a lot of character to your style. It is a great way to totally change your look, or just to spice it up a little bit.

Consider some of these hairstyles when you are deciding on your next look:

  1. The buzzed skin fade hairstyle will keep you cool the best in this summer heat. This is a more ragged look. If you are more of a “tough guy” type and work in a labor-intensive field, this look might be for you. It is a buzzed head with scruff on your face. The hair fades right in with the scruff on your face.
  2. The side-swept hairstyle appears on a lot of musicians these days. This look will keep you cool but still leave you with more hair than the buzzed skin fade. The side-swept look consists of a shaved bottom half of your head with a full head of hair on top. You then use hair product, depending on your hair type, to sweep it to the side. This looks like the wind has just blown perfectly through your hair.
  3. Messy spikes are more of a relaxed look. This style is perfect if you are always on the go. It starts out just like the side swept in that the bottom half of your head is shaved. Instead of side sweeping the top hair, you spike it by taking a little gel and running your fingers through the top of your hair.

To get your new style, come see us soon! We can help you find the right style for you and individually selected products that can help you easily style your hair.

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