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Your holiday hair personality

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Holiday hair is a great opportunity to show off your personal style.

Hair is one of the most important aspects of anyone’s style, be it a regular Jane or a celebrity. After all, we work so hard to keep it healthy and beautiful that it’s a shame not to show it off. We all use our hair to express ourselves, whether it’s our individuality, our sophistication or our natural beauty.

The holiday season is a great time to express yourself through your hair. From family gatherings to office parties, let your hair speak for you. Here’s what different styles say, at first glance:


If your hair is usually in an up-do, you’re a professional type who likes to get things done. Whether it’s making things happen at the office or pulling together a holiday feast for dozens, you’re a natural go-getter.

Relaxed hairstyle

If you’re more partial to a relaxed, loose hairstyle, you’re likely to be a vivacious free spirit with a zest for life. You’ll be the first on the dance floor at the holiday office party.


If you often style your hair in elaborate styles that take upwards of an hour or two, you’re all about the statement a good haircut can make. You adore fashion and believe in first impressions.


Low-maintenance means the same in your lifestyle. You’re a laid-back person with a relaxed outlook on life, and it reflects in your effortless, beautiful hairstyle. You’re likely the one steering the conversation away from politics at the family holiday dinner.


Rita B Salon Hair Cut and Color Portfolio | ritabsalon.com

Straight hair gives you a chic, sexy look. You’re more the little black dress type when it comes to holiday attire. Waves or curls echo your softer, more romantic style; think cashmere sweater.

Hair is one of our most important assets; it’s the one accessory you’ll wear with every piece in your closet. Your preferred hairstyle says a lot about your personal style and personality, and it can add just the right touch to that holiday outfit you’ve been dying to show off.

If you are ready to treat yourself with a new style, contact us today. We will help you find just the right hairstyle for you and your personality.

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