Change your outlook with a fresh hairstyle |

Change your outlook with a fresh hairstyle

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Simple changes can make a dramatic impact.

If you are wanting to revamp your look this season, start with your hair. A new ‘do can leave you feeling refreshed and ready to take on anything.

With the scorching heat of the summer, it is the perfect time to switch up your hair. It is also a great time to go for a cooler, more low-maintenance look.

  1. A bob is a great style that is sure to keep you cool this summer. It provides strong lines and structure around your face. If you have strong cheek bones and big eyes, this style is sure to compliment your assets. Depending on how bold you are feeling, you can make it strong or you can soften it up with some layers.
  2. If you want a subtle change without losing length, try some layers. Many women are attached to their long hair and have a hard time coming to terms with cutting it off because they have spent so much time growing it out. If you still love your long hair too much to cut it off, try adding some layers. They will give you new-found volume and can totally change your look without ever changing your length.
  3. If you are really wanting to switch it up, try going for some baby bangs. Baby bangs are straight-across bangs but are shorter than normal bangs. Rather than the bangs resting at the top of your eyebrow, there is about a half an inch of your forehead showing. This style is a showstopper for fashion-forward women who want to make a strong impact.

Make your appointment today to get one of these new looks. Our hair designers specialize in working with you to create the perfect look for your hair and your personality.

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