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Easy and cool summer hair

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Have fun in the sun, and look great doing it.

Surf, sand, and spectacular hair. These are the things that you want to remember when you look back on the summer of 2016.

We get it. It’s hot and you’re busy, and that often means you need options for sweeping your hair up and out of your way. These summer styles are chic and easy, so you can get out the door for some summer fun in just a few minutes:

1. The Messy Half-Bun

When you are looking for a hairstyle that blends the best of both an up-do and windswept locks, the messy half-bun is the answer.

Simply pull the top half of your hair up into a messy bun, add some salt spray to your remaining tresses, and throw in some loose beach waves for texture.

2. The Boho Braid

Braids can add both interest and beauty to your summer hairstyle. For that effortless Boho-chic look, grab a one inch section of hair behind your ear and braid it all the way down. Wrap the braid across your forehead and secure it behind the opposite ear with a bobby pin.

Gather your remaining hair on the side where your bobby pin is located, and loosely braid. For added texture, try rubbing the bristles of an old toothbrush across your braids.

3. The Hat

Sometimes the best summer hairstyle is the one that incorporates a hat. Not only are floppy beach hats hot this summer, but they can give your skin and hair the protection they need to withstand the harmful rays of the sun.

To let your hat take center stage, divide your hair into two sections on either side of your face. Add a loose fishtail braid to each section, pulling on some pieces to give the braids an effortless look.

Before trying any of these styles, remember to protect your hair from the damaging effects of UV rays: PROTECT spray from SEVEN contains a natural UV filter kaempferia galago root extract. Ask your Rita B Salon designer for more details on this great product.

Of course, these styles look best after a fresh trim or cut and maybe some highlights or a full color treatment. Let us help you find your perfect summer hairstyle and products for your hair type. Contact us for a consultation today!

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