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Are Brazilian Blowouts Safe?

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The right salon makes a difference.

Your hair has always frizzy and out of control, and you’ve tried everything from mousse to hair glue to calm it down. Then, one fateful evening, you run across an article about a Brazilian blowout. The results are amazing! You want to rush to the phone and schedule an appointment right away, but is the Brazilian blowout all that safe?

A Brazilian blowout is a hair straightening treatment in which the stylist coats each hair in a keratin solution, blow dries it and then straightens it. Then, you return in three days to have the solution washed out.

However, a hidden ingredient in some keratin solutions is formaldehyde, a gas that is poisonous to humans. With too much exposure to formaldehyde, humans will develop an allergic reaction. Whenever exposed, they’ll develop itchy rashes, hives and bumps. Formaldehyde can also make you sick when first exposed. A burning sensation on your eyes, nose or throat is not uncommon.

So why are hair stylists still using this treatment? There are a few keratin solutions that don’t contain formaldehyde and, when done properly, a Brazilian blowout won’t produce any bad side effects like the ones listed above.

Here at RitaB Salon, we pride ourselves in being the only salon in Denver that tested positive for air quality, which indicates no formaldehyde in our keratin solution.

Contact us today to learn more about our hair styling services or to schedule your formaldehyde-free Brazilian blowout.


  1. Hi!
    I would like to have a Brazilian Blowout done on my hair.
    I have always had wavy hair but as I have gotten older, the texture has changed and I’m wondering if a BB would help?

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